Raising of our co-rental house in Luxembourg Station disctrict

Economic and financial magazine Paperjam has dedicated an article to the Résidence Fort Wallace, which is part of our Flexiroom co-living offer. The building is located in the Gare district in Luxembourg.

co-rental house in luxembourg station district

It has been completely renovated and raised by two floors. “Transforming a city centre building and changing its use is not easy when there is very little ground space. Raising the building height was one of the solutions chosen by the architects and engineers to achieve this objective”, said Paperjam. The project was led by general construction company EHS. This company recommended creating the structure from wood, as it is easier and lighter to install in an existing building.

The construction site lasted several months and was complex, given that the weather had to be good. In addition, as the house did not have a lift, all the materials had to be carried up to the fifth floor.

The new co-rental house now has restored communal areas and two bedrooms per floor with private bathrooms.
Please read the Paperjam article here for more information.

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