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The REAM fund has chosen to invest in Belgian and Luxembourg real estate through three brands, each one dedicated to and specialising in one area. Real estate development with DEVLOP, premium co-living residences with Flexiroom and high-yield opportunistic investments with Invest.

As of 1/1/2020, the REAM portfolio comprised 37 rental units with an annual rental value of €740,000, divided between Luxembourg City, Arlon and Namur. The project portfolio is composed of 32 delivered units and land that will produce more than 100 units in the next three years.


Les Terrasses de Namur
Project located near the city centre of Namur 46 flats in 2 separate buildings: a building with 20 flats and a small commercial area in rue Nanon, and a building with 26 flats in rue de Bomel.

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The Marloie residence is located 2km from the centre of Marche-en-Famenne Small co-ownership of 7 flats located near all amenities, energy efficient.

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Résidence Amarena
Residence made up of 2 buildings each with 6 luxury apartment units Shared garden and many terraces and balconies, sustainable investment.

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Bastogne Ravel
Ravel Bastogne is a real estate project located in the hyper centre of Bastogne.

41 flats (with indoor parking and cellars) 288 m² of commercial and/or office space.

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Général Michel Namur
Development of a residential building in the heart of the city centre of Namur

28 residential units (19 two-bedroom flats, 8 one-bedroom flats and 1 three-bedroom flat) 4 commercial units has parking facilities basement cellars

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Eco-neighborhood of 23 apartments ideally located in Profondeville, on the outskirts of Namur  

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Hydrion Business Center
Hydrion is a real estate project which consists of the construction of an office building in Arlon 11 offices 36 parking spaces

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Real estate project consisting of the construction of two two-family houses on Luxembourg territory in the much sought-after town of Kehlen

Quality specifications with a wellness area of ​​+ - 30m2 provided in the cellars of each house.

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Residence of 3 apartments and a luxury house near the center of Arlon High standing specifications for quality of life and undeniable comfort.

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Résidence Le Lorrain
Mixed buildings

29 flats 3 shops 450 m2 49 indoor parking units 7 outdoor parking units 32 cellars

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Retail and offices – Le Lorrain
Mixed buildings 450m2 of offices and retail at the bottom of a new residence.
Office building in Strassen 588m2 office space

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