REAM: your Luxembourg real estate investment fund

The Management Company

Ream General Partner – the management company of the REAM fund – is in charge of the strategic, operational and financial management of the fund and its assets.

Active in Luxembourg and Belgium, RGP advises and supports its private and institutional clients, for the sustainable development and performance of their real estate portfolio.

Ream General Partner

Our approach

Our approach is rigorous. Our results targets, which are above market practices, stem from a rigorous analysis, significant commercial involvement and a high degree of selectivity.

On average, less than 5% of the dossiers we study are selected and acquired.

Our multidisciplinary team offers a wide range of complementary skills. Our employees have up to 20 years’ experience in their field of expertise. We perform financial analyses, investment management, sales, rental management and technical maintenance.


The performance of the REAM fund for the financial year ending 31/12/2021 was 7.01% net of management costs.

The rental portfolio generated €1.280.000 in gross rent for an occupancy rate of 98%. It should be noted that our investment strategy in the co-living sector, with our brand Flexiroom, is extremely effective and is a response to very high market demand. The acquisition of a 31-room building in the Luxembourg station district, and the opening of the first Flexiroom residence in Brussels, in the European district, are two of the Fund’s major events in 2021.

For the development component, 2021 is a year of investments and permits obtained. It should be noted that the NAV is mainly impacted by two projects in execution; the other projects in development have a little influence on the performance of the fund in 2021 and constitute a store of value for the years to come.

With a performance of 7.01% in 2021, the cumulative performance in 4 years is 30.71%. The overall value of assets under management is close to 30 million euros.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, we welcomed two new independent directors to the board of directors of our management company, each with 20 years of experience in the financial sector and the fund industry.

And in the future…

Without a doubt, we remain convinced that a balanced risk between rental and projects intended for sale offers an optimal risk/return ratio in real estate and we remain faithful to this mixed strategy.

Flexiroom must continue its geographic diversification and will aim to increase its presence in Brussels.

As for DEVLOP, whose turnover from projects in development is estimated at 73 million euros, we continue to focus on medium-sized urban centers and are beginning to analyze files between Namur and Brussels. We are aware of the ecological and environmental issues of our construction projects and are committed to measuring the improvement and therefore the reduction of our carbon impact. In this context, we are proud to announce our first Eco-Quartier project in the municipality of Profondeville, on which we will communicate more fully in 2022.

In this dynamic of strong growth, we nevertheless remain vigilant and very selective in our investments, in a global economic context of inflation and rising interest rates.

I sincerely thank our shareholders for their confidence and wish us all a very good real estate year.

Jean-Marc Dame


The team

The management

REAM : votre fonds d’investissement immobilier luxembourgeois
Jean-Marc Dame
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REAM : votre fonds d’investissement immobilier luxembourgeois
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Jean-Pol Clart
Development expert, residential and logistics specialist
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Tony Buche
Fund Services Expert
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Jérôme Gendarme
Fund Services Expert
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Quentin Vercauteren advisor REAM
Quentin Vercauteren
Real Estate Development and Asset Management Expert
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We have built an experienced, multi-disciplinary team around the Management Board. Our employees have an average of ten years’ experience in their field of expertise. Internally, we cover financial management and risk management activities, the technical management and monitoring of projects, business development for chasing new opportunities and the sale of our dossiers, and property management. We have selected our partners with the utmost care and they share our vision and values. At REAM, we value creativity, enthusiasm and a love of work well done. Our projects are designed and developed in accordance with standard practices and with great attention to detail.


Amanda Ameziane
Technical Project Manager
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Samuel Hanay
Samuel Hannay
Financial and Administrative Director
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Amélie Thomas
Amélie Thomas
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The development team

business developer manager
Christophe Marin
Business Development Manager
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Caroline Blin-Delamare
Investor Relationship Manager
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Camille Lance
Business manager
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Guillaume Weertz
Business development manager
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