3 complementary brands

Our investment strategy is based on three brands working in complementary areas of the real estate sector.

This broad-ranging strategy enables us to combine several advantages, obtain attractive sources of yield thanks to medium/long-term investments and optimise the risk-return outlook.

The development of new projects intended for sale

Stratégie d’investissement - Devlop

DEVLOP, the development of new projects intended for sale in Wallonia and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Our target projects comprise 20 to 30 units (housing and shops) and generate a return on investment of over 20%. They create high margins and allow us to turn over capital in relatively short periods (2 to 5 years). We generally market the apartments and shops ourselves. This area is less frequently accessible to non-professionals, as it requires significant technical and financial resources.

The premium coliving

Stratégie d’investissement - Flexiroom

FLEXIROOM shakes up co-rental practices by offering furnished, fully fitted and serviced luxury housing in Belgium and Luxembourg.

We want to offer a special service that meets the expectations of the new ways of living and working: mobility, commitment to flexible contracts, modernity and comfort, and the availability of spaces offering complementary services (cleaning, laundry, relaxation areas, sports room, BBQ, etc.).

The opportunistic investment

Stratégie d’investissement - Invest

INVEST, whose strategy of high-yield opportunistic investments and a tactical approach guarantee a portfolio with a very high quality and diverse yield.

Thanks to a high rental occupancy rate and attractive properties, the stable, regular yield portfolio generates sufficient regular cashflow to reimburse the debt leverage and maintenance charges. This area enables us to create long-term value, on top of a return of 7%.

Quality of assets

The properties we find are those that meet our location, return and quality criteria.

We prefer prime locations: city centre, inner suburbs or strategic business area, i.e. areas that are attractive, accessible and close to services and infrastructures.

Our watchword is to build “as if for ourselves”. It is the quality of our buildings that guarantees success: rental occupancy rate of almost 100%, fast sales and high yields.

Our builds and renovations are in line with the most stringent Quality and Environmental standards on the market. We have therefore selected the British BREEAM standard, which is recognised and used around the world.

We also want to integrate a circular economy approach. We study our projects from the innovative angle of eco-design, scalability and the possible conversion of properties in the urban landscape.

The stability and profitability of the investment are guaranteed by a minimum yield requirement for all the dossiers studied by our teams.

Investing in Greater Luxembourg

There are a number of benefits to investing in Greater Luxembourg:

The dynamism of Wallonia

Border cities, such as Arlon and Bastogne, enjoy the same economic pillars as the grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The 50,000 Belgian cross-border workers, who make up 25% of the cross-border workers of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, generate significant housing requirements and an increase in prices higher than the Belgian average.

A desire for geographical diversification led us to invest in dynamic cities such as Namur and Brussels, that play a key economic role and are independent of the economic factors of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

It should also be noted that Belgian land capture practices, in the form of surface duties and linked to suspensive permit granting conditions, are major assets in our promotional activities. They allow us to limit the immobilisation of equity and reduce the financial risks involved in the granting of permits.


Having local roots, proximity and a knowledge of the market give us maximum control of the growth and risks of the socio-economic environment.

The attractiveness of Luxembourg

With its dynamic economy and stable, accessible political authorities, Luxembourg offers a climate conducive to investments. Its real estate market is constantly growing, boosted by economic growth higher than the European average and annual demographic growth of 2.2%.

An added value strategy

The strategy of the REAM fund is based on creating added value.

Buy-Renovate-Hold and Build-Hold

Both these strategies are based on the same principle of taking care of the renovation or construction phase of a building before managing its operation as part of the rental portfolio. This “connected vessels” approach between the New Project Development section and the Investment section enables us to maximise our operating margins. In this way, we have acquired the shops and offices of the Résidence Le Lorrain in Arlon, and their rental has generated a provisional return of 8.13%

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